We emphasise quality

The club welcomes swimmers of all abilities, including children aged 4+ who have yet to become great swimmers and need to learn the basics.

We emphasise quality of swimming through a structured programme of teaching fundamental aquatic skills and the four swimming strokes.

We follow the National Plan for Teaching Swimming (new window), a kind of national curriculum that is designed to ensure consistency in the delivery of teaching. We are affiliated to Swim Wales (new window) (WASA), the governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronised swimming in Wales.

Stages 1-3
These are aimed at the youngest children who learn the basic techniques to become great swimmers: balance, agility in the water, co-ordination and confidence. They take their first strokes here and have a lot of fun.

Stages 4-8
These enable swimmers to progress steadily through the techniques of the 4 swimming strokes – breast stroke, front crawl, back stroke and butterfly.

 Junior Development Squad 

Continuing to improve strokes while concentrating on other swimming techniques such as turns and swimming to set times.

Our older, more experienced, swimmers train here. They improve stroke techniques and build endurance.