George North Signed Photo Sealed Auction

Rhondda Swimming Club have kindly been donated this beautifully framed and mounted selection of photographs featuring Wales’ George North in action.

The three photographs show George doing what he does best for his country, and one of the photographs has been signed by George himself.

We are going to offer this item as a sealed bid auction, anyone who wished to bid should privately send an Instant message to us by following this link, or by sealed envelope to Jayne Dixon or Lesley White, please include your name, address, telephone number and your bid amount.

The frame measures approx 37 x 64 cm. The closing dates for bids is 9pm on Friday 8th September 2017.

Remember to keep your bid amount private. All money raised will go towards Rhondda Swimming Club Swim Camp and future club outings to places like West Midlands Safari Park.

Click here to send us your bid.

In the event that two or more bids are made for the same value, the bid received first will be deemed the winning bid.

Rhondda Swimming Club would like to thank Leanne Trembath and Mark Jones for kindly donating this item to the club.